Cooking Class… with the Snop House touch!



How to make your holiday in Malta even more special?

Choosing the Snop House for your stay in Malta says a little something about you: you want to discover the archipelago through its traditions and authenticity. When we met Irene and Elena from Semplice, two fabulous cooks and neighbours, we all thought that we should give our guests a deeper dive into the Maltese culture… and the Snop Cooking Class was born!

Our cooking classes are a unique opportunity to discover the Maltese gastronomy and fresh products. It’s a delicious way to bring back home (and into your kitchen) one of the best souvenirs: an extra skill to make the holidays last a bit longer… or to re-awaken sweet and tasty memories whenever you feel like it.


The Menu according to the seasons



Citrus & the sea

Learn how to make the famous aljotta (the Maltese take on the fish soup) and qagħaq tal-għasel (a traditonal Maltese pastry ring filled with black treacle, orange peel, honey and a variety of spices)

Cheese & Beans

Learn how to cook the very famous bean-based kusksu (broad bean soup) and a delicious sweet made with irkotta (soft sheep cheese)

Rabbit & Berries

Cook the perfect fenkatta (one of the most popular dishes in Malta: the rabbit stew) and finish off with a sorbet made with the archipelago’s beloved fruit: il-frawla (strawberry)
July-August: Depending on the availability of the fruit
Sun Kissed Tomatoes and Peaches You’ll start by learning how to cook the simple yet delicious balbuljata (Maltese scrambled eggs) with the renowned Maltese tomatoes and continue by lending a hand in the cooking of sweet and sour pork with local peaches.


Maltese baked Rice and the Small Pear Master the preparation of the ultimate ross il-forn (baked rice) with Maltese sausage and the sun-kissed Maltese tomatoes, then lend a hand in the making of a bambinella pudding (the Maltese small pear)

Lampuki & the Brown Pod

Get to know how to prepare a dish with Malta’s emblematic fish, the lampuka and finish off by preparing a dessert with ħarrub (carob) – the ultimate foraged food in Malta.

A Touch of Gold

Master the recipe of the unique Maltese pumpkin pie and learn how honey is used in the preparation of the Torta Ta’ San Martin (St. Martin’s cake)



How to book

This special offer is available for guests who book directly on our website for a minimum of 2 nights and is on request, depending on the availabilities of our cooks during your stay.

The course is for a minimum of 4 persons and will be held from 10am to 3pm.

Price is 50€ per person (lunch included) to be directly paid to the cook.

Should you be interested in booking or if you need more information, simply send us an email.