In Malta, a fervent catholic country, the Assumption of Mary (Santa Marija Assunta) is celebrated on the 15th of August, which is more simply called the Feast of Saint Mary (Santa Marija).
Il-Festa ta’ Santa Marija is the pinnacle of all Maltese “festas”. Mingle with the crowd, you will experience an authentic moment in Maltese life.
Il-Festa ta’ Santa Marija is particularly celebrated in the parish communities of Ghaxaq, Gudja, C’Attard, Mosta, Birkirkarka, Mqabba and Qrendi and in Victoria (the “capital” of Gozo Island). Mosta is one of the most crowded festas.

The church of Mosta (Church of the Assumption of Saint Mary – Santa Marija Assunta) is known for its huge dome (“rotunda”) and the story of a bomb that did not explode during the last war (WWII). On April 9, 1942, four bombs were dropped around and over the church by the German Air Force. Three did not explode. A touch touched the dome, without exploding, causing damage. The fourth (about 500 kg) pierced the dome and finished its fall in the middle of the church, while nearly 200 faithful were gathered for the evening service. No explosion! No victim! ! Today, this «miracle» is still present in the minds. In memory, a replica of the bomb is installed in the sacristy; with legend Il-Miraklu tal-Bomba, 9 ta’ April 1942 (Miracle of the bomb).