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Malta, an island brimming with history and natural beauty, offers some of the most captivating swimming spots in the Mediterranean. For those staying at The Snop House in Senglea, these nearby treasures are just a short trip away, promising refreshing dips in crystal-clear waters and stunning views. Let’s dive into these picturesque locations, each with its own unique charm.

Swimming in Sant Angelo, Birgu

Fort St. Angelo

Nestled at the tip of Birgu (Vittoriosa), Fort St. Angelo provides not only a historic backdrop but also a serene swimming experience.

The calm waters surrounding this iconic fort are perfect for a peaceful swim.

From The Snop House, you can reach Fort St. Angelo by a leisurely 15-minute walk around the marina, soaking in the scenic vistas along the way.


Just beyond the Grand Harbour, Kalkara is a quaint village. Its small, sandy beach (Rinella Bay) is ideal for a relaxing moment by the sea. You can get to Kalkara from Senglea by taking a short bus ride on Routes 3/213 (from stop Gulja to stop Santu Rokku)  or a pleasant 30-minute walk through the charming streets of Cottonera.

The sea at Xghajra, Malta


A hidden gem, Xghajra offers a tranquil and uncrowded spot for swimming, with rocky beaches and clear waters. It’s a bit off the beaten path, providing a perfect escape.

To reach Xghajra, take bus 3 from Gulja and stop at Smart City. Then enjoy a short walk along the waterfront until you find your perfect spot.


Marsaskala is a lively fishing village boasting numerous swimming spots along its coastline, from sandy stretches to rocky coves. The town’s vibrant atmosphere and excellent facilities make it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. From Senglea, hop on a direct bus on Route 124 to Marsaskala (from Redentur, one minute from the Snop House). The journey takes about 30 minutes.

Swimming in Zonqor, Marsaskala


Located on the outskirts of Marsascala, Żonqor is known for its crystal-clear waters and rugged beauty. It’s a fantastic spot for snorkeling and exploring underwater life. Reach Żonqor by the same bus route to Marsascala (124) but stop earlier at Sdieri.

St. Thomas Bay (St Tumas)

St. Thomas Bay in Marsaskala offers a mix of sandy and rocky shores, perfect for families and those seeking a relaxing swim. Its shallow waters make it especially suitable for children. Take the bus to Marsaskala and enjoy a brief 5-minute walk to the bay from the town center.

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Embark on a journey from The Snop House in Senglea and discover these stunning swimming locations. Whether you choose to walk or hop on a bus, each destination promises a memorable experience in Malta’s enchanting waters.

Water Temperature In Malta

Malta’s Mediterranean climate ensures that everyone can find the perfect time for a swim, with water temperatures accommodating all preferences.

For the Chilly-Wary: Opt for the months of July, August, and September when the water temperature is a warm 25-26°C (77-79°F).
For Mild Water Lovers: Spring (April, May) and autumn (October) are great options, with water temperatures around 18-23°C (64-73°F).
For the Brave: You can swim in Malta year-round, but it’s advisable to wear a wetsuit during winter months to avoid thermal shock, as the water can be significantly cooler.

Water temperature in Malta diagram


The theme of this room is mare nostrum, the Mediterranean Sea… ideal for the swimming enthusiasts! Overlooking the grand square and the main street, the room invites to embrace Malta through its marine history and environment.

If you wish to explore more of Malta’s beaches beyond the southern district, here are some of the most beautiful ones:

Għajn Tuffieħa, Golden Bay, Mellieha Bay / Għadira, Imġiebaħ Bay, The Blue Lagoon, Paradise Bay, Ġnejna Bay, Armier Bay and Little Armier, Ta’ Fra Ben (Qawra Point)

These stunning locations offer a variety of beach experiences, from sandy shores to picturesque rocky coves, ensuring that every beach lover can find their perfect spot on the Maltese islands.

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