Phoenician eye and megalithic spiral

The Snop House - Logo

As you stroll through The Snop House, you will be struck by the presence of an eye with a spiral pupil (The Snop House logo created by the artist Shelomo Saddak) on all the wall lights and the symbolism of the Eye of Osiris and the megalithic spiral can also be seen at different levels.

It is this historical depth of the Maltese archipelago, located at the crossroads of all maritime routes, which makes the islands of Malta a landmark in the history of the Mediterranean, that motivated the founders of The Snop House to do everything possible, in each area of the hotel, to give the guests the opportunity to find out about the beauties of Malta from a cultural, historical and tradition perspective.

The Eye Of Osiris

Since ancient times, the maritime tradition has influenced the Maltese landscape, cuisine, character and beliefs. Maltese ships are among the last in the Mediterranean to have preserved the tradition of painting oculi on the bow. Sometimes known as the eye of Horus or the eye of Osiris, this symbol is thought to have been brought over by the Phoenicians or Carthaginians and could ward off evil spirits (the evil eye), protect sailors, frighten the enemies, secure the protection of divine powers and, for fishermen, bring them good luck and abundant fishing.

A traditionnal Maltese luzzu sporting the eye of osiris, with a cruise liner in the background

The hypnotic megalithic spiral

The islands of Malta and Gozo are home to eight megalithic temples (Ggantija, Hagar Qim, Mnajdra, Skorba, Ta’Hagrat, Tarxien and the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum), each reflecting a distinct development but all unique architectural masterpieces, given the very limited resources available to their builders, with decorative elements reflecting a high level of craftsmanship, and ritual practices of a highly organized society.

Megalithic spirals

This megalithic art consists mainly in panels decorated with drilled holes and panels with bas-reliefs depicting spiral motifs, trees, plants, and various animals.

Spiral patterns were an important feature of Neolithic megaliths. While it is impossible to determine the meaning or purpose of these spirals in the Neolithic period (which were present at the entrance to some temple halls), some archaeologists and specialists have suggested that they were used in the context of trances linked to ritual practices, emphasizing the concentric effect which, when one takes the time to focus on these spirals, ends up triggering a hypnotic effect.

The patio at The Snop House, with Brigitte Reyre's artwork, photographed by Brian Grech

This hypnotic effect led the creators of The Snop House to install this marvelous mural sculpture by artist-designer Brigitte Reyre in the internal patio of the hotel. The perfect way to immerse our guests, at breakfast time, in the historic fabric of the Maltese islands.

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